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Dinkle DK4 DIN Rail Terminal Block Screw Type UL 600V 35A 10-22AWG

  • $ 3600

Dinkle DK4 DIN rail terminal block is a standard sized design which includes the use of screw-down jumpers. Rated voltage: UL 600V, IEC 630V. Rated current: UL 35A, IEC 32A. Conductor cross-section, solid(AWG/mm2): UL 22-10, IEC 0.5-4. Conductor cross-section, flexible (AWG/mm2): UL 22-10, IEC 0.5-4. Rated impulse withstand voltage: 8KV. Torque(Lb-in): 7. Screw: M3. Wire strip length: 10-12mm. TxHxW(mm): 6.1 x 47.6 x 58.9. End cover DK2.5C. Partition DKSPS-002. Jumper DS4-02P, DS4-03P, DS4-04P, DS4-05P, DS4-06P, DS4-07P, DS4-08P, DS4-09P, DS4-10P. Marking label TM10W.

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